We offer training as well for shop owners who want to learn and students who want to learn !

learn from one of the best installers in the USA been in the business since 1995 and will show you all the tricks of the trade ! Things you have never seen before nor will you learn any of this from working in a tint shop, tricks and Technics that will put you at the top of your trade to make you a quality installer to excel your speed and quality of install !

For shop owners as well who want to know how its done the process from start to finish so you know how to hire a tint installer for your business.. know what to look for in a installer and what to stay away from ! Dont just hire someone who says they know how to tint , make them prove it to you by evaluating the work they perform for you as you already know what to look out for from this advanced traning course !! Tinter's cost some owners thousands of dollars per year in damages and law suits from customer who had there property damaged by a bad installer dont get yourself in this situation !